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  Program Highlights

The Arkansas Money Follows the Person Program has transitioned 436 individuals who have resided in institutions 90 days or longer into qualified home and community-based programs. The following populations residing in nursing homes and ICF-MRs will be served: Individuals with developmental disabilities/mental retardation; individuals 19 to 64 with physical disabilities; and individuals age 65+.

  Operational Protocol

The Operational Protocol, Phase One of the Money Follows the Person Initiative, will address key issues such as target population(s), participant selection mechanisms, a detailed service delivery plan, and a quality management system. This document will be submitted in December to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for review and approval prior to Phase Two: Implementation.

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The MFP project requires the identification of proposed annual goals to assess the State's progress in transitioning individuals to the community and rebalancing its long term care system. Two specific benchmarks are required by all States participating in the MFP demonstration project, goals and objectives.

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  Participant Recruitment and Enrollment

The Operational Protocol requires a detailed description of the methods used to inform, recruit and enroll potential participants into the MFP project. It is anticipated that several methods will be incorporated into this project.

a. Direct Recruitment
b. Indirect Recruitment
c. Referral

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  Informed Consent

The Consent Form serves as a written summary of the information that is presented to a potential participant and/or responsible party. The MFP Transition Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the Informed Consent document is obtained from each participant or responsible party before any transition activities begin.

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  Benefits and Services

The Operational Protocol must detail the services to be made available to the MFP participants; the delivery mechanism (fee-for service, self-directed care, agency directed services, managed care); and the Medicaid mechanism through which the services will be continued at the termination of the demonstration period (Medicaid Section 1915 waivers, Medicaid Demonstration, Section 1115, waivers, State Plan amendments, etc.).test

Home and Community Based Services
Waiver Services
State Plan Services Available to MFP Participant


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  Self-Directed Care

Self-direction promotes personal choice and control over the delivery of services, including who provides services and how they are delivered.

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  Demonstration Services

In addition to these programs and services, MFP will introduce several demonstration services that will be made available to the MFP participants during their demonstration period of 12 months.

Community Transition Services
Intense Transitional Coordination


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Transitioning to a community residence will be dependent on having a sufficient supply of qualified residences in the service area of the potential participant.

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A consumer survey will be designed to collect data on participants' satisfaction with the quality of service and the quality of life in the community as compared to the nursing home.

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  Consumer Support

Some of the consumer support that we have been asked to put into place for MFP participants will provide the participant consistent access to assistance and supportive services.

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  Stakeholder Involvement

Consumers, agencies, providers, non-profits, and others are invited to learn more about the Operational Protocol and the MFP program design through a variety of opportunities, including:

Conference/Workshop Table

Inquiry Form

GIST Members

Organizational Structure


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  Provider Procedures
  1. The pre-approval process requires completion of all of the following documents:
  • Health Disclosure
  • Pre-Screen & MFP Assessment
  • Personal History
  • Professional Recommendation & Facility Letter
  • Provider Freedom of Choice
  • Demonstration Service Freedom of Choice
  • State of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Checklist for Clients Rights
  • Informed Consent
  • Medical Assessment (Elderly and APD Only)
  • Copy of Prescriptions (Elderly and APD Only)
  • QoL Survey
  • Verification of Waiver Approval

*No client will receive approval to participate in the MFP Program unless each form is submitted as an Assessment Packet.

2. Upon approval to participate in the MFP Program:

*10 days prior to transition from qualified residence to new housing the following forms must be submitted and receipt verified

  • Transition Risk Plan
  • Demonstration Services Plan of Care
  • Transition Services (Must be pre-approved in order to receive payment)
  • Goods and Services (Must be pre-approved in order to receive payment)

3. After transition:

a. Start Service Plan (Due on date of transition)
b. Risk Mitigation Monthly Report (Due on the 15th of each month beginning 30 Days after transition date)
c. Client Satisfaction Survey (Due 30 days after transition; and, on the 15th of each quarter, thereafter)

Supplemental Document(s):

  • Critical Incident Report: Within 2 business days of a critical incident such as a hospital stay or police called to residence
    • Resolution/follow-up Critical Incident Report must be submitted 5 business days after the critical incident


Note: If client residence changes after transition, a revised Plan of Care must be submitted within 5 business days.

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  Provider Forms

Below is a list of provider forms, please click on the link to download the form.

MFP Assessment and Personal History

Start Services

Informed Consent

Check List of Clients Rights

Client's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Provider Freedom of Choice

Demonstration Services Freedom of Choice

Monthly Risk Mitigation

Demonstration Services Plan of Care

Release Form - Authorization to Disclose Health Information

Client Satisfaction Survey

Goods N Services

Transition Risk

Professional Recommendation

Transition Services

Dental and Emergency

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Ramona Sangalli
Program Coordinator
Money Follows the Person
Department of Human Services
Division of Aging & Adult Services
PO Box 1437 Slot S530
Little Rock AR  72203-1437
Phone: 501-320-6579
Fax: 501-682-6658


Latonya Robinson
Transition Coordinator
Money Follows the Person
Department of Human Services
Division of Aging & Adult Services
PO Box 1437 Slot S530
Little Rock AR  72203-1437
Phone: 501-320-6577
Fax: 501-682-6658

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